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立命館アジア太平洋大学(APU) りつめいかんあじあたいへいようだいがく(えーぴーゆー)


Ritsumeikan APU Learning in Motion [日本語字幕]

Experience the most beautiful moments seen and felt by students here at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University?where through daily interactions they encounter both challenges and triumphs, learn to embrace their differences to make memories and friendships to last a lifetime, and discover that learning happens when you choose to do so by trying harder, reaching higher, and dreaming bigger.

This video was filmed over a period of 13 months, from October 2016 to November 2017, and with the cooperation of 89 individual students and 19 student organizations: the APU Student Social Media Unit, the African student community, APU Yossha-koi, APU Men’s Lacrosse Team, Global Business Leaders, APU Rugby Club, APU Aikido Club, APU Tea Ceremony Club, Wadaiko Raku, Indonesian Week, Chinese Week, Vietnamese Week, Oceania Week, APU Samulnori Team Shinmyoung, Arteographers, Vovina, APU Japanese Music Club, and the Sri Lankan student community.

Producer: Phuong Miyajima (APU Admissions Office)
Director of Photography and Chief Editor: Watcharainthorn Khamkerd (Class of 2018)
Assistant Camera and Sound Editor: Varawut Taisub (Class of 2018)
Project Manager: Cao Ha My (Class of 2018)
Narration: Christine Straniero (writer) and Amelie Chenet-Smith (APU Admissions Office)
Opening Character: Audrey Chaytor (Class of 2017)
Music: ‘Revival’ by Ryan Taubert (license from musicbed.com)
Color grading: Chanon Wangtrirat, VelCurve Co., Ltd.